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Project 1 : MS Outlook 2003 / 2007 Automation

For a VBA developer, it's often desirable to be able to send emails programmatically, i.e. contingent on some event and without human intervention. While appropriate tools exist in VBA (e.g. .Send method of Mail Item object in MS Outlook or  .SendMail method of Workbook object in Excel), an e-mail server can block automation by displaying a security warning which is to be handled manually before the email is sent. In particular, MS Outlook 2003 displays the following warning:

In MS Outlook 2007 (but not 2003) this warning can be disabled by the user via "Tools -> Trust Center -> Programmatic Access -> Never warn me about suspicious activity". Still, that is not a good way to automate MS Outlook because in that case it becomes vulnerable to all kinds of client applications, including viruses and spam.

This project is to circumvent this warning by using Redemption Outlook Library. Below you can download a short function called SendSafeMail along with instructions on how to use it. These three files are in different formats but the VBA code they contain is identical:

Excel 2003 version

Excel 2007 version (zipped)

Text file - paste it into your VBA project

The safest way is to download the text version and paste it into a module for any VBA project (Outlook, Word, Excel) that requires MS Outlook 2003/2007 automation.

Keywords: security object model guard automatically automatic email warning prompt VBA VBA Excel MS Microsoft Outlook  Outlook Word viruses spam add-in OLE automate automation sending messages e-mail Redemption 2003 2007 VBE mail item


Project 2 : Performance evaluation of trading strategies

This application combines the C++ engine with Excel VBA 2007 interface. To find out more, please click here

Software skills

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